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See what others are saying about MDTNO


"What a beautiful and entertaining recital!  After only one year at another school, we almost forgot that recitals could be a true reflection of the student’s best efforts and talent in addition to the teacher’s love of the art!"


"Also, we cannot thank you enough for making a 100% difference not only in Bella’s dancing technique but in her self esteem and confidence which has transferred into every aspect of her life. Her father and I are anxious to see what she will accomplish by the time she is a senior in her dance and personal endeavors as a result of her time at Metropolitan with your mentorship."


"Olivia had a wonderful first dance recital experience last night! She couldn't stop smiling and she has now decided she wants to grow up and be a singer and dance teacher when she grows up just like you. It is obvious that you love these children and make each one of them feel special. As a drama teacher I appreciated the work that you put into the show and your attention to details (it's all in the details!) and at times I felt as if I was at a Broadway show. We look forward to coming back next year. Thank you for your hard work and dedication and for making my little girl a star for the night!"


"Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful show. She had so much fun. It is amazing how far she has come since she started. Under your care and patience, I have seen her come out of herself so much. Thanks for all you do... to not only develop young dancers, but young women."


"Thank you for another fantastic year.  The girls have learned so much from you.  I can't believe how much they improve and mature each year.  It is amazing to watch their confidence and beauty shine on the stage.  The recital was wonderful and we always have the most enjoyable time.  It is so special to see it all come together with the lights, music, props and costumes.  You always out do yourself each year. You are so talented and have such a gift.  We appreciate all you and your family do to make everything possible for such a professional show.  We marvel at your vision and think the world of you.  We love being around MDT.  You have made the studio feel like our second home... a place where  we are welcome, comfortable, safe and loved.  Thank you for all you do for us and for just being you.  We will cherish MDT always"


"I doubt you will ever know of the importance you have to Anna.  She feels graceful, beautiful and special when she leaves your lessons. As you know from dealing with young girls and women, confidence is the key to success. You help build our daughter's positive self-image.  For this, we are eternally in your debt."


"The show was absolutely extraordinary! All of your students performed so well.  Thank you so much for your sincerity and kindness to all of us.  Katherine was so excited and we were so impressed with what she had learned in only one year!"


"What a wonderful night last night! The recital was fabulous, the costumes were beautiful and the dancers were terrific.  It was a wonderful night. You produce a beautiful recital. It is hard to believe that Caroline has danced in 12 of your recitals!! Thank you for a wonderful year of dancing."

"Thank you for all you do to make each year so special and memorable.  It is such a joy for me to see Katie doing what she loves with people who love and support her.  You have been so understanding and inspirational.  She told me she's going to miss MDT more than her high school next year in college, but that comes as no surprise."


"The girls have grown into dancers thanks to you.  Each year we marvel at their accomplishments.  They love MDT and look forward to going to classes each week."


"We can't thank you enough for all these years that you taught the girls... not only dance, but to be disciplined, graceful, respectful, beautiful (inside and out!) and  so much more.  Your time and dedication of doing what you loves shows through all the young girls and boys.  Thank you for being a wonderful influence on our girls.  We will forever be grateful."

"Thank you for the most wonderful year.  Emmy had a blast and we have just been so pleased with MDT!"

"BRAVA! I want to congratulate you on an amazing night!  This is our first recital and it was stunning!  Your amazing attention to song choices, phenomenal costumes,  props, and the choreography with all the different genres was absolutely marvelous.  Camille is hooked and is still talking about it this morning!  We are looking forward to many more in the future!"


"Thanks so much - we love dancing at MDT!"


"As a parent, it is so wonderful to sit in the audience at your recital and see not just an outstanding show, but also a performers whose smiles and energy reflect an inner happiness as they dance.  It is clearly your attitude that fosters this joy in your students."


"Through your example and guidance, she has become not only a beautiful dancer, but also a happier, stronger, and more confident young woman.  Your passion for dance and your love and compassion for your students is evident in all that you do and all that dance here at MDT are blessed to have you as their teacher!"

"MDT has changed her life.... and we are forever grateful..."

"Thank you so much for an amazing year for Sophie. She decided to take classes because she has become a very serious theater student and she needed to improve her stage movement, ability to manage quick choreography required for some roles, and just to start to develop some skills that translate well on stage. OH MY GOSH. She got that a so much more. She just LOVES dancing at MDT. She had a great time, I cannot believe she learned so much, and her passion for what she was doing at her performance last week was evident when she was dancing. You have taught her so much in just one year; we feel so grateful to you and so blessed for a friend telling us about you. Your production was beautiful, professional, and an outstanding showcase for what is possible for dancers of all ages and abilities. Our  family is in your debt and we certainly hope our youngest, Ava, for whom dance is her life, will find a spot in your classes next fall. You are a beautiful, talented person and your light was shining on our sweet girl this year!! Thank you."


"After seeing Gabrielle and Rilan shine at the Pulse Dance Convention, I have a whole new appreciation for what a great dance educator you are.  Thank you!"

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