Turning Pointe, Junior Contemporary and Pointe I


Turning Pointe
Ages 8 and up

This course is designed to expand the student's physical abilities, body awareness, as well as love and respect for the art of ballet. Pre-pointe exercises are introduced and dancers are invited to advance their technique with a focus on strength, flexibility, and musicianship.


Pre-Pointe / Pointe I
Ages 12 and up

This class is an introduction to the physical demands and responsibilities of pointe work. Dancers are invited to advance their ballet training and technique. Pre-pointe students learn specific exercises to prepare and strengthen the body in preparation. Beginning pointe students are individually guided and encouraged at their own pace. Students will build strength in their feet, ankles, legs, torso, back and arms, as well as flexibility in their hips for the proper ‘turn-out’ necessary for advanced technique.


Ages 9 and up

This class is dancers who are proficient in dance technique. Warm-up exercises will focus on improving flexibility, extension, core strength, and balance. Center work will include contemporary steps and combinations. Combinations will incorporate the technical elements of ballet with jazz and modern movements. An additional goal of the class is mastery of higher level pirouettes, turn combinations and leaps.